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Truck insurance for sensible truck operators

Insurance doesn't have to be an expense if you have a low claim rate.
We insure sensible truck operators and share 50% of our profit with you, turning your previous insurance expense into something that could pay for your child's education.
It's the only way insurance should be done.
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We have very specific Insurance needs which were not really being heard by our previous insurance people. After one meeting with Trucksurance they gave us the cover we wanted at an excellent premium. These guys understand trucking. They are decision makers. I like talking to people who understand what I need and who have the authority to make things happen

Vernon K.

Executive Chairman - UTEC

Why our clients love us



Professionally run trucking businesses enjoy exclusive access to the best cover, unparalleled advice & a genuine desire to pay all claims.


As a policyholder, you control the board of your insurer. Imagine having complete control over the decisions that affect your business.


Because we don’t cover cowboy operators, we make money. That helps us grow significant wealth for our truck owners and their families. Our clients share 50% of our profits every year.


As a member you get direct access to decision-makers for all insurance negotiations. No more speaking to people are not empowered to help you.

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It starts with picking our clients

If you have a low claim history and operate a sensible and safe trucking operation, you will be paying more for your insurance than you should be.

We only insure responsible truck operators with low claim rates. No exceptions.

Because of that, we can offer a far superior insurance product, and share the profit we make with you.


You get your share of the profit

If you pay your insurance premium every month and have a low claim rate, you are making money for your insurer.

We believe you should get your fair share of the profit you create.

When you have a low claim rate, Trucksurance pays you your fair share in profit. You can use that money to pay for education, holidays, your clients, or re-invest it in your business. The choice is yours.

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Everything regarding Trucksurance has had a personal touch, from day dot. I have never once felt like I’m dealing with a  “call centre” and my calls are always answered, 24/7. I mean that literally.
Clint Brook - MD - Logico

Deal with real people, when you need them.

If you've ever sat on the phone with a call center agent who cannot help you with your problem, you know the frustration most insurance companies put their clients through.

When you speak with us, you're speaking with people who have the power to help you with your problem, and solve it right away.

Does your insurance provider's CEO know about your problems? Our clients answer with a

Insurance by sensible people.

Insurance with real, tangible benefits


Speak to a real person when you need to

Because we select our clients, we're able to give each and every one of them the service you deserve. When things go wrong, we're on the other end of the phone - no matter the time of day.

Proper, thoughtful cover where you need it

We take a holistic view of your company's risk, making sure you're covered exactly where you need it, while keeping costs low. We help you design the perfect cover for your business.

No unexpected premium increases

As a shareholder, you know exactly where your premium goes. Don't ever get an unexpected premium increase again.

Create wealth for the important people in your life

Our unique insurance model allows you to build a significant amount of wealth using the unclaimed premiums you pay. You can use this to pay for holidays, education or whatever you'd like.

Transparent pricing and costs

We walk you through every part of your insurance policy so you know exactly what costs what, and why. Never be left in the dark again.

Work with people who understand you

With over 20 years experience operating in the trucking industry, we know a thing or two about covering truck owners and operators.


No obligations. No salespeople.

Book a call to speak directly to the CEO and underwriting manager of Trucksurance.

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